Post-Doc vacancy for global vegetation modelling Utrecht University, Netherlands

At Utrecht University, the Netherlands, we have a postdoc position available for global vegetation modelling. Details you can find on:, or below this email

Postdoc Global Vegetation Modelling (1.0 fte)

Specifications – (explanation)

Location Faculty of Geosciences
Function types Postdoc positionsResearch, Development, Innovation
Scientific fields Natural Sciences
Hours 38.0 hours per week
Salary € 2799 – € 3831
Education Doctorate
Job number 635838
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About employer Utrecht University
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Job description

Postdoc Global modelling of vegetation dynamics and feedbacks: linking carbon, water and nitrogen

Vegetation strongly interacts with climate through a myriad of feedbacks involving the carbon, water and nitrogen cycle. This is important in global change scenarios with an increase of CO2, an increase of N deposition in large parts of the world, and an increase of extremes in precipitation and droughts. Recently, dynamic vegetation models have incorporated detailed hydrology, the interplay of the carbon-nitrogen cycle, and the way vegetation adapts to CO2. However, it is still unclear how these processes interact with and feedback to the global climate. We aim at improving the representation of terrestrial vegetation in global climate models. By coupling dynamic vegetation models to global climate models, and analyzing future IPCC scenarios including anthropogenic land use changes, we hope to  better quantify vegetation – climate feedbacks.


You should have a PhD degree in earth sciences/environmental sciences/ecology/climatology or another relevant field, an excellent publication record, proven analytical and modelling skills on global scale, and a positive attitude to interdisciplinary research and team work. Furthermore you have the writing skills to be competitive in applying for additional funding during the period of your employment.

Conditions of employment

We offer a full-time position to a maximum of 2.5 years. Salary ranges between € 2,799.- and € 3,831.- gross per month on a fulltime basis depending on experience and qualifications. The selected candidate will be offered an initial contract for one year, which, upon positive evaluation, will be extended.

Utrecht University offers a pension scheme, a holiday allowance of 8% per year, an end-of-year bonus of 8.3% and flexible employment conditions. Conditions are based on the Collective Labour Agreement of the Dutch Universities.

More information: terms of employment.


Utrecht University has great ambitions for its teaching quality and study success rates. This also applies to its clear research profiles which are centered around four themes: Sustainability, Life Sciences, Youth & Identity, and Institutions. Utrecht University plays a prominent role in our society and contributes to finding the answers to topical and future societal issues.

Within the research theme Sustainability and under the program on Water, Climate and Ecosystems Utrecht University initiated a program to answer the following key question:
How will changes in the global water cycle govern future conditions on planet Earth?

This question relates to understanding and projecting how human activities and climate change will influence water scarcity and abundance and indirectly impact food security, flood risk, human health, socio-economic development and biodiversity.

Utrecht University (UU), through its conglomerate of leading groups on geophysical, biological and governance research, is in the unique position address the full breadth of this research question and explore mechanisms of biological adaptation and to address governance-related issues. The program will mobilize and integrate UU’s collective expertise by developing a common model infrastructure to explicitly simulate past, present and future feedbacks in the water, carbon and nutrient cycles. We aim to use the Earth system model CESM, combined with the integrated assessment model Image. Model building will be supported by a scientific programmer.

Additional information

Additional information can be obtained from Dr Stefan Dekker or  +31 30-2532260 and Dr Karin Rebel

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